Personal Consent WOOD MASSAGE

Will I get splinters?  The answer is No. 

About your confidence

Confidence? Confidence is everything. Invariably, the unfamiliar observer asks, “what about splinters?” With a basic level of care, and short of severe abuse, splintering is not of concern with a Personal Consent product. The bare wood surface of our products are brought to a high level of smoothness in advance of the protective clear coating that is necessary for our intended applications. This clear coating is where a great deal of the challenge lies with a serviceable wooden object. The prepared wood surface must be completely encapsulated in a flawless, hard, non toxic, waterproof film. A tall order... But after much thought, consideration and experimentation, this is exactly what we've come up with. This coating is phthalate free - however,  as with most hard polymer finishes, ours does contain BPA.