Personal Consent WOOD MASSAGE
How We Got Started. 
The woodworker.....

As a woodworker - a career spanning 35 years, one of my first passions was the process of hand making chairs from green, hardwood logs. One day, as I was passionately hand riving some new logs I had recently delivered to my shop, it occurred to me in a new light, how very sensual, warm and inviting this material was... 

I have built my wood products as a cabinetmaker - all along the way, marveling at the erotic nature of this completely organic material, wood.  Recently, I had an inspiration to turn a beautiful piece of cherry wood, into an object of pure pleasure; this object could assist in the massage process, dovetailing with what is the single most natural human instinct, sexual pleasure and exploration; and so, I developed my first form... Please browse our selection of hardwood massage tools and continue the path of joy that began with the personal pleasure I experienced in creating them. 

FAQ's and Development

After the initial concept / inspiration began; and following several years of design development; and most critically, surface preparation and the chosen finish / coating, we confidently offer our beautiful, safe and effective forms. The durable, hard, waterproof finish, is by design going to last. 

We have taken into consideration the human form into these designs as we have created them. Our wood massage tools, with proper care, will not splinter - they will easily and effortlessly glide over your body.  

Our finish is an FDA rated for food contact polymer. We experimented with, and tested many finishes; we discussed the benefits and concerns that one may have with the chosen finish and the intended uses of our product line. The finish coating we have settled on, is in our opinion, the best and safest composition from a health perspective; and a smooth, comfortable massage.  

Care Instructions - Personal Consent products are easy to care for; don't bang them into a hard surfaces. Clean them after each use, using warm soapy water and dry. It is okay to use peroxide as well. Because of the combination of wood and the epoxy finish, boiling, or extreme heat is not recommended - nor should it be necessary for an effective cleaning.  If you sense there is some damage to your finish discontinue use. You can test your form by submerging it in water, if you see any dark spots, moisture could be getting behind the finish.  DO NOT USE.  Contact us immediately for further instructions and our return policy.  It is your responsibility before using the massage form to ensure the finish is in tact.  If you plan on displaying your piece, it is best to avoid direct sunlight for extended periods.